A.C. Grace Recognized as a Leader for Vitamin E Supplements in 2020 Consumer Lab Report

ONLINE — A.C. Grace is pleased to announce that its Unique E® Mixed Tocopherols product has been recognized as a Top Pick in a 2020 Consumer Lab report. Among tests and reviews of nearly a dozen popular Vitamin E supplements, Unique E® was named the top choice for “natural Vitamin E with other tocopherols.”

The Consumer Lab report provides an in-depth look at popular Vitamin E products, to ensure they live up to the specifications listed by each brand. The report also divides products into categories and ranks them based on the efficacy of their claims and how they stack up against similar products. The 2020 report profiled Vitamin E products from classes including natural Vitamin E, synthetic Vitamin E and mixed tocopherols.

A.C. Grace and its Unique E® Mixed Tocopherols product ranked highly according to the report, meeting all claims and expectations evaluated. Moreover, Unique E® stacked up against some of the biggest names in the industry, including supplements from GNC and Costco’s generic Kirkland brand. According to the report:

“If you want natural Vitamin E with a significant number of other tocopherols, particularly gamma-tocopherol, our Top Pick is Unique E®. Per soft gel, we found it to provide 391mg of gamma-tocopherol in addition to 268mg of active Vitamin E for 29 cents, which was the lowest cost among products providing hundreds of milligrams of mixed tocopherols.”

Unique E® Mixed Tocopherols shined in its Consumer Lab review, demonstrating the prevalence of all four major tocopherols: Alpha (268mg), Beta (14mg), Delta (108mg) and Gamma (391mg). Unique E® beat the competition in the “natural Vitamin E with other tocopherols” category by a wide margin, with a cost-per-serving of less than half the price of the leading runner-up. Unique E® was also noted for its composition: devoid of any fillers, additives, colors, preservatives, wheat, gluten or soy.

“We’re very proud of the distinction that comes with being named a Top Pick by Consumer Lab,” said A.C. Grace in a statement. “Our product formulation has remained the same for more than 60 years and still today ranks as one of the best natural Vitamin E supplements. Our commitment to quality is proven by this recognition, and we continue to be empowered to maintain this distinction in years to come.”

Consumer Lab is a stalwart for product reviews of vitamins and supplements, renowned for providing unbiased, factual information to consumers. Products reviewed and approved by the organization meet rigid quality standards to become a recommended pick. To become a Top Pick, products must prove themselves superior to competitors in their respective classes.

For more information about Unique E® Mixed Tocopherols and other award-winning natural Vitamin E supplement products, please visit A.C. Grace’s website.

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About A.C. Grace Company

A.C. Grace Company was founded in 1962 by Roy Erickson. After experiencing cardiovascular health challenges, Roy devised an all-natural form of Vitamin E in pursuit of wellness. Today, A.C. Grace continues to manufacture the same product Roy invented many years ago, under the name Unique E®. We believe our product is the highest-quality natural (non-synthetic) Vitamin E supplement on the market. Our mission is to consistently provide customers with products that show promising benefits when taken correctly, in the correct dosage and for the right reasons.

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