We would like to pull an excerpt from the Pauling Therapy website: You can read the entire article here (towards the bottom of the page).

"I first learned about Unique-E soon after the Townsend Letter published one of my articles on the Pauling therapy. One day, two independent medical doctors from different parts of the country called with the same story and asking what I knew about the A. C. Grace vitamin E product. Both doctors told me that they had put patients with evidence of a damaged heart as measured by EKG on Unique-E. And both told me that within a month or two, their patient's EKGs no longer showed heart damage.

I called A. C. Grace and was called back by Roy Erickson, the 92-year old CEO. Roy credited the form of vitamin E in Unique-E with saving his life after several heart attacks. He told me that he had purchased the company to preserve the unique but expensive manufacturing process after price competition from inferior brands almost drove the company out of business. Roy explained that the proper dosages was 2000 IU (5 - 400 IU Unique-E capsules) in the a.m. (Roy also noted that you can taste the difference. He suggested biting the capsule. Unique-E has no rancidity, where oils used in inferior brands are or quickly become rancid and taste bitter.)

Not long after that, Carol Smith called to report another heart attack, this time with "terrible" EKGS. She had been feeling so good that she had stopped her Pauling-therapy/Heart Technology, and six months later had the heart attack. With the conversation with Roy fresh in mind, and knowing how important the extra orthomolecular ingredients in the Tower A-9 formula are for proper heart function, I explained what I had learned, and suggested that she start using both A-9 and Unique-E in therapeutic dosages. Carol agreed and she was already scheduled for another EKG in 3 months. The rest, as they say, is history.

I know that there are other excellent brands of vitamin E, and vitamin C, several with more factors and ingredients. No doubt these products at the proper dosages would also have the same beneficial effects on reversing bad EKGs. However, I know there is something really unique about the original A. C. Grace vitamin E product. So until I have copies of before/after EKGs. like Carols, or until I receive several confirming reports from independent doctors from doctors around the country reporting similar EKG results with other brands, I say why take chances? I recommend that which I know really works." - Owen Fonorow"


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