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Anti-Aging, A. C. Grace Company Science Advisor discusses Topicals

Anti-Aging, A. C. Grace Company Science Advisor discusses Topicals

Young beautiful woman showing anti-aging exampleIn the recent issue of WholeFoods Magazine, Andreas Papas, MSc, PhD, commented on several important questions regarding skin health and the role vitamin E can play in anti-aging goals and whole health from an inside-out perspective.

Goal: Healthy, Hydrated, Youthful Skin, Anti-aging

How nutricosmetics promote healthy skin from within.

What are the most important factors in having youthful, healthy skin? Probably hydration, plumpness and elasticity. Now the harder question: How can you acquire these things, especially as aging takes a toll on all of them? The answer may be a combination approach, with both topical and internal products playing important roles.

“Like all tissues and organs in our body, skin gets nutrients from our diet through the bloodstream,” points out Andreas M. Papas, Ph.D., author of The Vitamin E Factor, editor of Antioxidant Status and adjunct professor at East Tennessee State University. “In addition, we can nourish the skin with external application of creams, lotions and other products.”

But, due to absorption issues and the suitability of topical delivery for certain nutrients (like omega-3 fatty acids, carotenoids or large molecules), inside–outside supplements are definitely important options for shoppers to know about.

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