According to doctors, vitamin E helps support the immune system, lowers risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have also shown that it can improve the symptoms of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. A potent antioxidant found in a wide range of food products. For example, blurred vision can signal its deficit, as is the effect on the light receptors in the retina and other eye cells. Active substance vital to the functioning of the Central nervous system. This is one of the main antioxidants in the body, and a deficiency leads to oxidative stress and muscle weakness.

The damage to the nerve fibers interferes with the nerves to properly transmit signals, which leads to a feeling known as peripheral neuropathy. Among the symptoms: pain, sensitivity disorders. Difficulty walking also indicates that the person is not getting enough vital minerals.

There is a wide variety of foods rich in vitamin E, it is advisable to avoid salad dressings and margarine made from vegetable oils, wheat germ, leafy greens, whole grains and nuts. It is noted that excessive supplements can cause bleeding.

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