Jim Capps Presenting

Jim Capps, President of A.C. Grace Company presented valuable UNIQUE E product information to several hundred Vitamin Shoppe store managers at the recent Product Education Conference 2014 held in Washington, D.C.

UNIQUE E has been a top-selling vitamin E in Vitamin Shoppe stores for several decades. “Our goal has always been to make our products available to anyone that requests them,” said Scott Smith, Director of Marketing & Operations. “With so many of our customers looking to buy UNIQUE E products, it is an exceptional partnership for us to be positioned on the shelves of all of the 600+ Vitamin Shoppe stores across the country for customers to walk in and find it.”

During Capps’ Silver Sponsor Presentation, he addressed some of the misinformation about vitamin E and the truths regarding the benefits proper supplementation with a good pure E product can provide to those who are striving to manage their health naturally.

Joining Capps at the conference was Andreas Papas, MSc, PhD, a Science Advisor to the company. “It is such a pleasure to provide such important information for the managers to be able to share with their customers,” said Papas.

About AC Grace Company

A.C. Grace Company was founded by Roy Erickson in 1962. The company created UNIQUE E® six years in advance of the United States Government official recognition for the need of vitamin E in the human diet. UNIQUE E® has been recognized as the standard in the Vitamin E market for over 50 years. Healthcare professionals in all fields of practice recommend and/or use these products.