Jim Capps, President of A.C. Grace Company presented valuable UNIQUE E product information to several hundred Vitamin Shoppe store managers at the recent Product Education Conference 2014 held in Washington, D.C.

UNIQUE E has been a top-selling vitamin E in Vitamin Shoppe stores for several decades. “Our goal has always been to make our products available to anyone that requests them,” said Scott Smith, Director of Marketing & Operations. “With so many of our customers looking to buy UNIQUE E products, it is an exceptional partnership for us to be positioned on the shelves of all of the 600+ Vitamin Shoppe stores across the country for customers to walk in and find it.”

During Capps’ Silver Sponsor Presentation, he addressed some of the misinformation about vitamin E and the truths regarding the benefits proper supplementation with a good pure E product can provide to those who are striving to manage their health naturally.

Joining Capps at the conference was Andreas Papas, MSc, PhD, a Science Advisor to the company. “It is such a pleasure to provide such important information for the managers to be able to share with their customers,” said Papas.