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APRE PROBIOTIC™ is the first probiotic to include natural ingredients that help reduce pathogens (“bad” bacteria) in the gut (stomach and intestines) while supporting healthy bacteria. It also provides nutrients needed to help these bacteria grow and flourish.

There are 100 trillion bacteria in the gut that work with your body to make sure that you stay healthy. Like a garden, need to be tended in order to make and keep you healthy.

APRE Probiotic contains ingredients that weed out bad bacteria (abiotics), plant the seeds of good bacteria (probiotics) and, fertilizers (prebiotics) to help promote and maintain a healthy gut microbiome.

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APRE PROBIOTIC ™, The human gastrointestinal system is a garden of 300 billion bacteria that work symbiotically to help our bodies process food and nutrients. APRE PROBIOTIC contains clinically effective ingredients that first weed-out bad bactierica (Abiotics) and then see (Probiotics) and fee (Prebiotics) good bacteria all in one vegetable capsule for optimal gastrointestinal health.*

Healthy Gut Finalist!

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  • APRE Probiotic Contains Abiotics, Prebiotics and Probiotics in a single daily capsule
  • 18 Billion healthy bacteria from five of the most clinically supported strains
  • Two (2) Month Supply

APRE Probiotic Promotes and Supports:

APRE PROBIOTIC Bullet Heathy Kidney Function and Normal Urine Calcium Levels1
APRE PROBIOTIC Bullet In Women, a Positive Effect On Body-Mass Index (BMI)2
APRE PROBIOTIC Bullet A Healthy Inflammatory Response3
APRE PROBIOTIC Bullet Healthy Blood Pressure and Blood Lipid Levels within the Normal Range4
APRE PROBIOTIC Bullet Decreased Frequency, Duration and Symptoms of a Compromised Immune System5
APRE PROBIOTIC Bullet The Growth and Maintenance of a Healthy Gastrointestinal Microbiome6

Suggested Use: Take one capsule daily or as directed by your healthcare provider.

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