A Letter From Our Founder


Roy Erickson, 1911 – 2002 (written in 2000)

Hello! My name is Roy Erickson. I have traveled and spoken at ACAM and GLACM (now ICIM) medical conventions all over the United States for the past 20 years, telling doctors about our all-natural, unesterified, high-antioxidant, diluent Vitamin E that is devoid of soy bean oil. Thousands of these doctors now know my personal story, how UNIQUE E® Vitamin E provided health-changing effects after I experienced cardiovascular challenges some 41 years ago. If you are a doctor unfamiliar with UNIQUE E® Vitamin E, I hope you will take a few minutes now and let me share my story with you. Believe me; it could help you in your life and the lives of many of your patients.*

You see, on Tax Day April 15, 2000, I turned 91, not exactly a young man! But when I was in my early 50’s, in the prime of life, I dealt with cardiovascular health challenges in 1962. The medical world had few options at that time, and my doctor told me to accept this unavoidable health issue about which I could do nothing. I was not prepared to accept that limited perspective.

Instead of going home to expire, I went home and discovered the Vitamin E story!

A long time friend Roger Mullaney who lived in New York sent me a book by Herbert Bailey, entitled, “Your Key to a Healthy Heart.” Herbert Bailey was a leading medical reporter and writer at the time. The incredible benefits of taking Vitamin E were conclusively documented in that book.*

I must backtrack a bit now and tell you that I grew up in a physician’s home. Dr. Andrew Joseph Erickson, MD, was a physician and surgeon, and a graduate of Rush Medical School, Chicago, IL. I personally went through three years of premedical school at University of Illinois during the early 1930’s. (That must seem like an eternity ago to most of you reading this now.) Nevertheless, I decided not to become a medical doctor, but instead entered the pharmaceutical industry in 1937. I pioneered “sales engineering” and was called to the home office of a major firm I worked for as a traveling detail man when my sales rocketed to a staggering 37 times my cost. We detail men had been told that a return of three times our cost was a good job! So, now I became sales manager, and soon after, president. The significant thing for you to know is that when I should have been riding the crest of success during my early 50’s, I began dealing with heart health challenges. My golf game had to go, at least for the time being.

So I read the book by Herbert Bailey that my friend mailed me, and began my search for natural Vitamin E. There was none available to the public back then because the head spokesman for the organized medical profession had pronounced, “Vitamin E is a vitamin in search of a disease. YOU DON’T NEED IT!” His kiss of death proved to be fatally wrong. Now, over 60 years later, thousands of practicing complementary, alternative and integrative physicians and other related practitioners recommend and prescribe Vitamin E to support heart health of all types.*

In 1962, I formulated and founded UNIQUE E®. From then until 1984, UNIQUE E® was the best kept secret in the industry. Then, Dr. William J. Mauer, D. O., an Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon who was treating my wife, learned about UNIQUE E® and was the first doctor in America to recommend it professionally. Dr. Mauer had such tremendous success using UNIQUE E® in his practice that he stated, “ROY, you have the Cadillac of Vitamin E. And you have no business withholding this from physicians.” I replied, “The medical establishment is not interested in Vitamin E because the spokesman for organized medicine took care of that!” Dr. Mauer said, “There are many complementary, alternative, integrative practicing physicians who attempt to support heart health in their patients by complementary means, and they need your product.”*

Dr. Mauer and other physicians also told us about other positive whole health benefits experienced by patients who began supplementing with Vitamin E. They noticed dermal health benefits, circulatory support, and overall antioxidant support, along with the expected support for heart health.*

Dr. Mauer was instrumental in A. C. Grace attending the first ACAM medical convention in Dallas, Texas, in 1984. Since that time, A. C. Grace Company has attended ACAM and ICIM medical conventions regularly at their spring and fall meetings. Through attending such conventions, many complementary, alternative, and integrative physicians have since commenced dispensing UNIQUE E® directly to their patients. This has contributed to A. C. Grace Company’s remarkable growth and success through benefiting thousands of their people through the use of effective Vitamin E supplementation. We are extremely grateful!

What I did back in 1962 was discover the truth — the untold suppressed story, about Vitamin E. I discovered that Vitamin E must be taken in the right form and dosage. I personally feel blessed that I found natural supplements to support my overall heart health for these past 41 years. I still take UNIQUE E® every day of my life. I cannot tell you everything in this brief introduction, but suffice it to say that Vitamin E has been a very important dietary supplement in my longer than expected life. It can also help you in your life (and the lives of your patients, if you’re a physician). But all Vitamin E is not equal. If you will look closely at the information posted on this website, in just a short time you can learn what has taken me a lifetime to find and put together.*

At 91 years of age, I’m not boasting about my long life, which is a gift from God. Nor do we make any medical claims about UNIQUE E®. But the facts are pretty obvious, that at age 91, I’m still alive, kicking, and operating a full-time business providing UNIQUE E®, a quality source of all-natural, unesterified, high-antioxidant, rancid-oil free Vitamin E for all physicians, health professionals, and their patients! Thousands of other UNIQUE E® users are experiencing health support and vitality as well. Read the incredible story of UNIQUE E® on this website. Arm yourself with the truth about Vitamin E, and experience the benefits of UNIQUE E® for yourself and all those you care for.

Roy Erickson, Founder
A. C. Grace Company